The client

WABCO is a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles.

Listed in the New York stock exchanges and active in Europe, North America, India and China, the company innovates in areas such as advanced driver assistance, braking, stability control, suspension, transmission automation and aerodynamics for the world’s commercial trucks, buses, trailers, cars and off-highway manufacturers.

01. The Request

WABCO’s aim was to increase the brand visibility by attracting traffic on their digital channels during an international convention taking place in the US (the Atlanta NACV Show), whilst putting forward the company as a leading influencer and innovator of the commercial vehicle industry.

This had to be done through valuable and inspirational multimedia content that would appeal at the same time to industry specialists present at the event (procurement analysts, engineers, stakeholders) and to the general public.

One complexity of the mission was to shine a light on very specific and niche technologies and make them attractive to several audiences.

02. Our Response

  • We kicked off the project with a digital communication audit in order to scrutinize WABCO’s presence on social media as well as get a comprehensive view of its competitors’ behavior online. This resulted in the creation of a detailed communication guide for the brand including a tone of voice, marketing personas, a benchmark analysis and ambassadors scheme proposal.
  • These were ultimately used to create innovative social
    media campaigns promoting WABCO’s leading position in the commercial trucks industry for an international event taking place in the U.S.
  • DIGITAG also created a tailor made risk management plan designed to foresee and evaluate potential risks related to WABCO’s online communication, and outline crisis management actions.

03. The results

Using original and creative designs that put forward WABCO as a leader in its industry, we launched Facebook ads for the NACV show, one of WABCO’s cornerstone event.

Based on the communication audit, the segmentation of our audiences allowed us to target efficiently our personas with personalised messages and visuals.

Through two waves of Facebook campaigns, we reached 21,457 qualified people in the US to increase WABCO’s visibility. We had the opportunity to test and validate.the audiences we had defined based on the communication audit, hence validating our operational social media

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