The client

Tafsquare is an online platform whose aim is to connect workers in the construction industry with potential clients.

The startup’s goal is to connect construction companies with anyone who would need construction services, such as anyone in need of building a pool or a terrace. Their mission is to help companies grow their business by winning more job offers and finding the best projects.

01. The Request

Tafsquare wanted to define and set up a global digital strategy that would allow the company to :

  • Increase the number of registered members;
  • Increase the use of their service (by the self-employed
    and SMEs)
  • Increase users’ retention

02. Our Response

  • We defined their main KPIs and growth indicators, primarily focused on user activation & retention rather than acquisition.
  • We setup all the analytics tools to understand users’ behaviour
  • We spotted problems in the conversion funnel and took actions to improve user experience
  • We developed a complete marketing strategy to acquire more users (Social Media, Emailing, Search)
  • We developed new features based on customer feedbacks and improved the website design
  • We automated most of their processes : CRM, Marketing automation, Dash-boarding
  • We developed a Search Engine Optimisation strategy based on automatic page generation

03. The results

We increased the offer and demand on the website (jobs posted and respondents/offer). The number of daily signups drastically increased and we were able to retain way more users. Finally, the platform became more optimized and the funnels were improved to ensure a better experience.

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