The client

Sibelga is the unique network manager of gas and electricity in Brussels-Capital. The company is responsible for street and houses lightning and stands behind a series of CSR initiatives.

It is also one of DIGITAG’s oldest client, as Sibelga has been trusting us with its online campaigns for the past three years.

01. The Request

Until recently, Sibelga’s brand positioning was identified as electricity bills and power cuts actions only. However, ther is so much more to the company’s practices, its heritage and what it does for Brussels on a social level. Sibelga’s goal was to bring the brand closer to the citizens of Brussels by helping them understand the core of their work. Therefore, our campaigns focused on branding through the creation of positive awareness as well as customer engagement.

02. Our Response

• We targeted potential clients to a commune level and
involved all 19 communes of Brussels.

• We also adopted a more youthful and captivating approach and created a Facebook campaign inviting the public to engage with a series of posts that depicted emojis.

• Furthermore, we leveraged social events around the city powered by Sibelga (such as Nuit Blanche 2016), in order to create meaningful positive brand associations.

• At the core of this campaign was the classic framework of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Each level of need added a layer of momentum in order to explain the
important role that Sibelga played in the everyday lives of the audience.

03. The results

The campaign received an outstanding amount of reach and engagement, creating a large followers base.

Therefore, we linked the number of reactions to diffe rent post codes and created geo-localized ads (on social networks as well as on the Google Display network and YouTube), which then converted to actual subscriptions.

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