The client

Otentic is a high-end perfume brand based in Antwerp, offering a range of more than 73 different perfumes. Unlike other perfume brands, Otentic strives authenticity by giving its creations a unique scent, story and intangible
perception that act as the extension of one’s inner self.

Therefore, the journey to discovery and the customer experience are the core values of the brand’s positioning.

01. The Request

Otentic Perfumes needed to have a premium website that would correspond to their brand identity, with the purposes of encouraging the user to purchase on their online eCommerce or to visit their offline stores (drive to store).

Their visual identity had to be defined and adapted to any kind of variation arising from their wide range of perfumes. As each perfume reflects a particular atmosphere and conveys a unique message to the world, DIGITAG was to recreate this experience online and help the user dive into a new universe.

02. Our Response

  • Following a creative brainstorm on the identity of Otentic Perfumes and the best way to translate it online, we developed their e-commerce website and connected it to an ERP & delivery system. 
  • Along with the design & development, we used storytelling to describe the brand and encouraged consumers to relate and identify to each perfume.
  • We eventually conceptualised a brand that would be strongly based on natural textures, authenticity and colors.

03. The results

We provided Otentic with the ideal web architecture (parallax) and responsive design, that managed to successfully reflect the atmosphere of their offline stores.

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