The client

FIFPro is the worldwide representative organisation for all professional footballers; more than 65,000 players in total, male and female.

FIFPro is the exclusive collective voice of the world’s professional footballers and their goal is to defend their rights.

01. The Request

For the last years, corruption scandals and illegal practices have put the governance and regulation of sport organizations and stakeholders under great scrutiny.
That’s why FIFPro decided to undertake a global employment report, to expose the labor conditions as well as experiences of professional footballers throughout the world.

Nearly 14,000 questionnaires were completed by professionals (and in some cases semi-professionals) footballers of 54 different nations, in Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe.

The client’s request was to showcase a leading interactive industry report on some of the shocking results of the survey, while shining a light on a series of poignant player stories.

02. Our Response

Due to the global aspect of the report as well as the extensive amount of data, we proposed the use of data mining tools to analyze the largest amount of data and look for patterns and relationships that could be translated into valuable graphs and infographics.

Based on this technology, we designed and developed an interactive map that was integrated on FIFPro’s main website together with a 200 pages downloadable report (made with data visualisation design).

Thanks to a personalized Google Analytics setup, we were able to measure the size of the traffic as well as the time spent on the interactive map, hence bringing key insights on the success of the communication campaign.

03. The results

Through this intuitive and user friendly map, users were able to access key figures per category of interest and share data on a global, regional and country level. Player cases were given special attention for the purpose of using storytelling as a way to sensitise the audience and key policy makers.

Pic of traffic:
27.200 visits
in one day worldwide


Average Time spent
per visitors:
3,75 min


155 infographics
designed in one month

“Well done FIFPro for organising this survey – the first of its kind – and giving a voice to footballers worldwide. I strongly encourage you to read the results. They show that professional footballers in many African countries do not have the clearly defined status they deserve - or any status at all.”

Didier Drogba, two-time African footballer of the year

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