The client

The Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) is the official European Commission department responsible for EU policies that promote economic growth, fosters competitiveness and contributes to an inclusive and stable EU economy.

As such, one of DG ECFIN’s mission is to advocate for a strong Euro currency within and beyond EU borders, promoting its numerous benefits: the ability to invest and do business safely, to travel more easily and to work or study abroad in a simplified way.

01. The Request

Launched on January 1st 1999, the Euro currency is shared amongst 19 EU countries, representing over 340 millions EU citizens and the second most powerful currency in the world.

To celebrate the 20 years of the Euro anniversary, DIGITAG was tasked by DG ECFIN/The European Commission to create a campaign website putting forward the historical achievements that led to the creation of the Euro, its key facts and figures, and the undeniable added value that it brought to the European Union as a whole.

The website had very specific requirements, as it had to be developed in 24 languages and the design had to comply with the EU’s inter-institutional guidelines while proposing an audacious and high standard layout.

Last but not least, the creation of the design and the development of the website had to be done within a six weeks time frame in order to be launched for the cornerstone event of the Commission celebrating the anniversary of the Euro in Brussels.

02. Our Response

In order to stick to the anniversary event deadline, our team put together an exhaustive retro planning of tasks that was duly respected. DIGITAG’s creative team conceived a bold design that would remind the look&feel of the EUandMe website, respect the layout requirements and visual identity of DG ECFIN while proposing an attractive and modern design that would appeal to a broad range of EU citizens of all ages as well as EU and international stakeholders (think tanks, MEPs, international organisations, Member State representatives and journalists

The website design was created and validated in two weeks time. DIGITAG’s development department took over the project and built a custom made website in the space of four weeks which:

  • complies with the European Commission’s security and access requirements standards
  • conforms with the European Commission’s IPG Guidelines
  • was adaptive and accessible from mobile phone tablets AND, accepted by the entire committee !

03. The results

The website was successfully launched on time for the cornerstone event of DG ECFIN. It gave life to 20 years of shared monetary policies through numerous videos, infographics, visuals and a timeline.

“A huge thanks to you Paul and to Driss and Maxime from Digitag for delivering the web site on time and to a very high standard, we are indeed delighted with the result and that we have managed to complete this project despite the challenging timelines !”

As our client put it at the time of the website delivery

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